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Subic in Olongapo City Philippines

Subic welcomes more investors in hotels, condominiums and leisure facilities

A number of property developers and other investors are rushing to construct hotels, condominiums and other tourism and leisure facilities at the Subic Bay Freeport in Zambales, according to the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA).

The investors, who recently signed contracts with the SBMA, include Global Dongsan Phils. Inc., which is spending $ 1.1 million for a commercial building; Cook Group and Pacific Associates, with $ 1.4 million to build camping and recreational facilities, and Buma Subic, with $ 36,585 for a restaurant venture.

The SBMA said the rest of the new investors are into manufacturing, logistics and services, and others.

Subic Daesung Corp. committed $ 15 million to engage in the construction and operation of mixed-use commercial buildings that include a condominium-hotel, restaurant and retail shop.

On the other hand, Subic Enerzone Corp., operator of the power distribution system in the area, will also construct hotels and condominiums. (more…)

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Subic gears up for the 19the Philippine Travel Mart

After winning the top marketing award in the 2nd Philippine International Tourism Fair (PITF) in Cebu last June, the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) will once again showcase the “wild” side of Subic, this time in the country’s largest and longest-running travel and tourism fair — the 19th Philippine Travel Mart (PTM).

Organized by the Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA), in cooperation with the Department of Tourism (DOT), the 19th Philippine Travel Mart is gearing to showcase the country’s adventure side with the theme “Triple X: Xtreme Adventure, Xtreme Wellness and Xtreme Leisure.” (more…)

A Major Seminar Developed by the Philippines Department of Tourism About Adventure Travel and Tourism Finds a Promotional Partner in a Clark and Subic Bay Portal

subic adventure iteneraryThe Philippines Department of Tourism (DOT) and Conventions and Visitors Corporation (PCVC), is focusing on a nationwide campaign to increase awareness and promote ecotourism and adventure tourism destinations and activities throughout the Philippines. The Clark Subic Marketing Portal is assisting in the Efforts.

The Philippines is fortunate indeed to have such unique travel destinations as Palawan, with its mysterious remote beauty, the Banaue Rice Terraces , considered the 8th wonder of the world, and the Cagayan Valley with its extensive network of caverns waiting to be explored. Add to this the numerous remote provinces, many still inhabited by indigenous people, offering intrigue, unprecedented natural-beauty and fascinatingly-unique character, providing ideal backdrops for adventure tourism activities. (more…)

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Subic to offer Adventure Tourism

Subic Adventure travel guideWith its pristine jungle, nature theme parks, unspoiled bay, undersea wrecks and World War II relics, Subic is “ready and raring” to be a partner in government efforts to promote eco-tourism and adventure tours.

According to Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) Administrator Armand Arreza, adventure tourism is one sector where the Subic Bay Freeport “naturally excels.”

“We’ve had these adventure attractions since day one because of Subic’s well-preserved environment, and we keep on improving on them ever since,” Arreza said.

“If tourists would come looking for some adventure during their vacation, Subic is ready and raring to give them some,” he said.

Arreza pointed out Subic’s advantages in adventure tourism as the Department of Tourism (DOT) set its sights on a nationwide campaign to promote eco-tourism and adventure tours in the country and make the Philippines the best adventure destination in Asia.

DOT Secretary Joseph Ace Durano started this initiative under the aptly-named “Adventure Philippines Campaign,” a program that also seeks to provide tourism stakeholders an overview of the outdoor recreation industry, along with the benefits for generating more employment.

The program also aims to foster networking capacity and working relationship between travel service providers and suppliers. (more…)

World-Class Superhighway Interconnects Two Philippines Freeport Zones While Clark Subic Marketing Connects the Two Zones Virtually

Clark Subic Marketing is an extremely useful resource for anyone needing information about these zones, their businesses and leisure resources. Features such as a comprehensive directory providing addresses and phone numbers for both zone locators, and a news and event section covering all the latest happenings characterize it’s purpose. The site also features a separate travel-guide and history-guide for Clark and soon the same for Subic. Add to this, individual, full-featured WebPages with photos detailing the hotels, resorts, restaurants, spas, theme parks, and recreational businesses, and you have a one-stop, full-featured portal.

Clark, Philippines, March 31, 2008-

The SCTex Super Highway was unveiled to the Philippines in a one-week soft-opening during holy week 2008. This event brought record numbers of tourists to Subic Bay via a super-elegant, state-of-the-art roadway much like those found in the U.S. and Japan.

This highway turned an otherwise laboriously long 2 ½ hour trip into a pleasurable,
scenic, smooth 40 minutes adventure. With the advent of this new mega-structure comes opportunity to build new Philippine corridor of business, leisure and progress. As the new highway provides a physical connection between Clark and Subic, a new virtual, cyber connection has taken root. (more…)

A Day in the “Wilds” at ZOOBIC SAFARI

By: Carrie A. Javier
Photos :  Norbert Bajandi and Daniel Y. Go 

zoobic safari by norbert bajandiOh, look mom, he’s eating the chicken, my eight year-old son JM or James Michael shouted excitedly. I shuddered and kept my eyes averted. I just couldn’t stand the sight of blood and the spectacle of a helpless live chicken being devoured by a huge, hungry tiger just isn’t my cup of tea. The “safari jeep’ that we were enclosed in, along with other families visiting the Zoobic Zafari on that hot Friday afternoon, shook a bit, as ‘Sharon’ chomps down her meal our guide had dangling from a rope. I closed my eyes as I noticed another feline creature sidling up near our enclosed vehicle, perhaps hoping to share in the “food,” praying that the tigers would not stage a riot, topple the jeep and gobble us all up. What hideous thoughts! But my son did not even notice my discomfort, babbling on about how “the big tiger ate the chicken whole, only the feathers and feet were left mom.


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