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Over 1.5 million tourists flocked to the Philippines

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tourist arrivals philippinesOver 1.5 million tourists flocked to the Philippines’ tourist spots in the first six months of this year, official figures from the Philippine Department of Tourism has revealed.

The Philippines’ international tourist arrivals for January to June 2007 reached 1,528,507, an increase of 7.6 percent from the 1,420,040 visitors recorded in the same period last year, the Philippine Department of Tourism (PDOT) has announced.

Based on statistics released by the PDOT’s main office in Manila, the UK government’s travel warning against the Philippines has not stopped Britons from traveling to the Philippines, which increased by 41.2 percent in the month of June alone.

The overall British arrivals from January to June posted a positive growth rate of 15.4 percent. The UK market went up to 37,665 from 32,645 over the first six months of the year, PDOT said. London is on its way to breaking the 70,000 barrier for the first time since year 2000.

Scandinavian and Nordic countries registered hefty percentage increases in arrivals for the first half of the year, including Denmark (24.2 percent), Finland (4.6 percent), Norway (15.4 percent) and Sweden (15.8 percent).

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  2. Marco Tours says:

    What is nice to see is that tourism from all countries is growing in the Philippines, with the exception of Taiwan and Japan arrivals. You had 10% more Germans, 17% more Koreans, etc. I wish we had such nice figures in Italy!

  3. joseph says:

    The phillipines is being ruined by excessive numbers of tourists. The phillipines govt should cut the number of americans allowed to stay as they are the largest group of tourists and have killed phillipine citizens in past wars.
    Also the govt should also set limits for each country that are the same

  4. len says:

    TO JOSEPH: You just don’t know what you’re talking about. What will happen to the Philippine economy without the tourists? I don’t see any other industry that will help improve the economic condition of the Philippines. You should change that general statement of yours about tourists “…killed phillipine (sic) citizens…” That kind of mentality is a very far cry from what I have observed from people from developing countries like Thailand. The Thais are very grateful to the huge number of tourists who visit Thailand because they know that tourists bring revenue to the country. I hope you have a very high-earning job there to be able to say that the government should cut down on the number of tourists and that the Philippines does not need revenues derived from tourists.

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