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Dangwa: Perhaps the Only True Flower Shop in the Philippines

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dangwa flower shopWe’ve heard it too often: say it with flowers. And indeed, flowers are still the best way to express our feelings to one another. What could be more vocal than a shock of red roses, or shy carnations, or chatty lilies wrapped in wrinkly brown paper? Flowers can be both a whisper and a megaphone of our love for our special someone.

The Christmas and Valentine season are understandably the peak season for much flower shop in the Philippines. After all, these are the times when we all need to say what we have to say the loudest.

Perhaps, the most famous flower shop in the Philippines is found in Dangwa. Actually, Dangwa isn’t just one flower shop, but rows of it, a whole complex of bustling flower shops situated in the most unlikely place, the jeepney-smogged and dusty Dapitan Street corner Laong Laan in Manila. But this fragrant intersection of wild blooms and hurtling vehicles is exactly what makes Dangwa the most visited flower shop in the Philippines.

Philippine Flower Shop Forever Abloom
Flowers, not just visitors, literally flock to Dangwa. For decades, Dangwa has been the “bagsakan”, the unloading place of Philippine flowers that come from the cool mountains of Baguio, up north, (just like Farmer’s Market in Cubao is the “bagsakan” of Baguio vegetables). Sure enough, the ever sleepless Dangwa Transit of Baguio-Manila buses makes its home in Dangwa.

Flowers from other countries also make the trip to Dangwa, so that its loyal patrons—from the everyday duster-wearing housewife to car-driven celebrities—have a wide array of blooms to choose from, be it imported or patriotically Philippine flowers.

Chinese Take-out Philippine flowers
The first thing one will notice about this curious flower shop in the Philippines is that the bouquets there always come wrapped in Chinese newspaper. This is because most flower shops there are owned by Chinese families—known for their generosity and profuseness when it comes to giving flowers. Call it Philippine flowers lost in translation, or call it the best Chinese take-out ever.

The next time you find yourself in Dangwa, in this wild garden amidst the asphalt streets, in perhaps the only true flower shop in the Philippines, don’t be shy. Ask for crazy orchids, for violets, for startled daisies, nasturtiums, pouts tulips, and other Philippine flowers at their best.

It’s a lovely Chinese take-out for your loved ones: their best fill ever.

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  1. watson says:

    Dangwa is actually a bus line in Baguio with their terminal called Dangwa. So the first time I heard about Dangwa, I thought they were referring to this terminal. I learned later on about its flowery counterpart here in Manila.

  2. Yup surprisingly people nowadays know Dangwa because of the flowers and not the Bus Company…. too bad! (LOL)

  3. I remember Dangwa terminal bus on dapitan to blumentrit manila, i bought smelling fresh flowers to sending someone and others. First greetings to my friends there on dangwa terminal and flower shop stores.

  4. deinse says:

    As i remember before,its hard for me to find a beautiful fresh flower
    but my friend give an that Dangwa is the best place that im looking for,and she’s right…!

  5. bernard says:

    hi poh mg aaply sna me sa flower shop nyo!!floral arranger’s poh ako sa tacloban leyte gsto ko po mki pagsapalaran dyan!!!!..ntay ko po ung pm nyo!!!!

  6. bernard says:

    “,my # poh!!09127100999 txt u poh kong mka kaka aply ako sa inyo???

  7. dangwa is a good place to go for flowers …the surroundings might not be as malinis as youd like them to be, but the prices are right and theres a wide variety to choose from.

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