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Spa industry in the Philippines receives enormous growth

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Intelligent Spas has conducted the inaugural survey of spa facilities in the Philippines and found the industry has grown 74% since 2003, with 87 spas currently open and operating. The research achieved an  excellent response rate of 54% of all spas in the Philippines, enabling very reliable industry benchmarks to be calculated. The report, entitled Spa Industry Profile Philippines 2003-2007, features over 500 quantitative statistics on the Philippines spa market as well as supporting qualitative trends and observations from spa owners and managers. It is a valuable tool for businesses competing in, or supporting the Philippines’ spa industry, to more accurately develop and plan spa-related products, services, campaigns and initiatives.

Some key industry totals and averages extracted from the report include:

  • Intelligent Spas identified 87 spa facilities located in the Philippines.
  • 76% of spas are stand-alone day spas and 20% are spas located in hotels and resorts.
  • The average indoor area of spa facilities was 609 square metres.
  • 52% of the total spa space was allocated to treatment rooms.
  • Spas contained 10.9 treatment rooms on average, making them the largest across the Asia Pacific region.
  • 70% of spas provided a relaxation room.
  • Aromatherapy was practised by 97% of spas.
  • Baths with water and/or air jets were offered by 54% of respondents.
  • One hour body wraps were priced from PHP 1418, on average.
  • Herbal tea was the most common complimentary food or beverage item provided by spas, with 62% offering it to visitors.
  • 35% of spas surveyed noticed there are more spas opening in hotels and resorts.

“The excellent response rate enabled the survey results to be broken down by stand-alone day spas versus spas located in hotels, resorts and retreats (destination spas) for more accurate benchmarking and analysis” explained Julie Garrow, Managing Director of Intelligent Spas.

Some findings include:

  • Day spas contained more treatment rooms than destination spas.
  • Plunge pools were more commonly found in destination spas.
  • Day spas were more likely to provide body wraps.


Michael Verikios Wednesday, November 15, 2006

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