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Tupig – sweets from Ilocandia

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tupigTupig version of Ilocos Norte, equally tasteful as Isabela’s. Tupig is another rice cake preparation associated with Christmas and New Year celebrations in the early days. In the late 60s it became commercially available in the market with several variations in preparation, taste and quality. It can be stored for a longer period of time (3 days) under room temperature.


grated matured coconut, ganta molasses, white refined sugar, butter or margarine, ganta finely ground glutinous rice, toasted sesame seeds, 100 pc 9″ x 6″ banana leaves


1. Extract milk from grated coconut with boiled water.
2. Dissolve molasses in coconut milk until smooth and lump-free.
3. Add sugar and butter, set aside.
4. Pour ground rice in an aluminum vessel, make a well at the center and add the coconut milk – butter mixture gradually.
5. Add sesame seeds and continue beating to form a thick butter.
6. Wrap individually (about 3 tbsp. butter) in greased, wilted banana leaf.
7. Bake in preheated oven at 375 of until golden brown.

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  1. deb p. villareal says:

    hi. i’m a BS Food Technology student from UP Diliman. Could you possibly send me the name of the person who formulated this tupig recipe,and the date of formulation? I need the information for the technical paper I am writing. This will also facilitate proper citation. Thank you very much. Looking forward to your favorable response.

  2. ryan says:

    the above recipe is a more gourmet style, i would suggest an authentic way to make tupig from pangasinan:

    soak glutinous rice in water then grind (galapong) add sugar and buko (young coconut strips)
    Whilt banana leaves then spread a little cooking oil in the leaves put the mixture of glutinous rice with buko in the leaves then bake in charcoal for 5 mins each side

  3. mele says:

    Can you be more detail on the measurement how much molasses., flour, and coconut. May add sesame seeds, slices of coconut flesh.

  4. totsie says:

    I have been making tupig all the time, just mix glutinous rice,brown sugar,
    coconut milk and a strip of grated coconut and roasted sesame seeds, mix
    until it is smooth then wilt banana then wrap it then grill it until it is cook inside about 10 -15 mins

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